Who we are

Pacific is an alternative band from Nashville, TN formed originally by frontman Will Hunter at the end of his time at Belmont University.

The one piece became a five-piece band after the release of their debut "Supposed To EP" and months of traveling together playing shows across the southeastern part of the US.

The Pacific sound is diverse and familiar - nostalgic and fresh. 

Largely inspired by the alternative rock music of the early 2000s (Goo Goo Dolls, All American Rejects, Thirty Seconds to Mars), the pop music of the 70s and 80s (The Beatles, U2, The Cure) and the pop music of the modern day (The 1975, LANY), Pacific sees the necessity of a vast influence in creativity and curating a sound, trying to honor the past but not shy away from the future. 

“There is really nothing we aren’t inspired by in some way,” says frontman Will. “I feel like I’m always rethinking the Pacific sound.”

Pacific shows are where it’s at. It’s about fun, freedom, and being yourself, unless you don’t like having fun. Then it’s not about being yourself. 

With only a short amount of time on the scene, Pacific has already made big waves in the Nashville Indie scene and plans to release more music and play more shows in more places throughout 2019.

At The Basement Space in Nashville, TN.

At The Basement Space in Nashville, TN.